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As soon as you have sent us your data, we will contact you so that we can get you your driving license as quickly as possible! 🚗
After you have registered online, you can come to one of our branches during office hours to sign the training contract and the driver’s license application.

Now new contactless registration! If you wish, we can send you your training contract and driver’s license application by post. After you have signed it, you send it back to us by post with any documents that may be required (e.g. passport photo, eye test, first aid course certificate). We will then do the rest for you at the responsible authority.

    BBF17 (accompanied driving from 17)B (B197 – dual training)B (automatic)B (translation of foreign driver's license)BEB96AA1A2AT THEB196 (125 driver's license)MopedL

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    No, I don't have a driver's license yet.Yes, I already have a driver's license and would like to apply for another category of driver's license.

    No, after my online registration I will come by during office hours to sign the training contract and the driver's license application.Yes, I would like contactless registration and would like the training contract and driving license application to be sent to me by post.