The final amount depends, among other things, on the number of driving hours required. Since each person is gifted differently, no exact amount can be given.

You should plan at least 2000 € for class B. At least €1800 is due for class A and at least €880 for class BE.

In any case, our goal is not to drive too many driving lessons, but also enough that you pass the test on the first try.

Click here to see the prices for the different driver’s license classes.

An example calculation for class B with 16 practice hours:

499 € basic amount
944 € practice hours (16 practice hours at 59 € each)
828 € special trips (12 special trips at 69 € each)
90 € presentation for the theory test
199 € presentation for the practical test
= 2560 €

addition there are costs that are not paid to the driving school. These include costs for the driving license office (approx. €40), passport photo (approx. €5), eye test (€6.43) and first aid course (approx. €35) as well as TÜV fees for the theory test (€22.49 ) and practical exam (116.93 €).

In general, we try to adjust the duration to your wishes. So if you want to take your time, that’s no problem. You often want to get your driver’s license as quickly as possible. The following must be taken into account:

With our intensive course, you can complete the theory lessons in 7 working days. You have to plan at least 1 – 2 weeks for the driving lessons. Since you can do both at the same time, it is possible to complete theory and practice in just two weeks, followed by an examination. However, you can only take part in both the theory and the practical test if the driving license office has processed the application. The duration for this varies depending on the authority, usually around 2 – 6 weeks. So if you want to get your driver’s license in a short period of time, you should apply to the authority in advance. We would be happy to create an individual schedule with you.

This means that we offer an intensive course twice a month for 7 days in the evening, which includes all theory lessons. This is also called block lessons. The lessons run from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. In the first week we hold classes from Monday to Thursday and in the second week from Monday to Wednesday. So on Friday and at the weekend you have time for yourself.😉

In the calendar you can see exactly when and in which branch the theory lessons take place.

No, that is also possible, but you are welcome to take as much time as you like. As soon as you feel fit for the theory test, we will arrange the date for the theory test.

The required theory lessons can be divided into several courses, and we are also happy to adapt the driving lessons to your wishes. We try to make the driver training as flexible as possible.

No problem, you can make up for missing lessons in the following courses.

Yes! Since we are only allowed to offer a limited number of places in online lessons, you must let us know on which days you would like to take part in the lessons.

In class B, 12 special trips (5 x interurban, 4 x motorway, 3 x night trips) of 45 minutes each are prescribed. The number of practice hours required depends on the learner driver.

A class B learner driver without prior ownership requires 12 lessons of basic material and 2 lessons of additional material of 90 minutes each. Since we hold 2 lessons per evening, all lessons are completed after 7 days. For the motorcycle classes (A1, A2, A) 4 additional lessons are necessary. Dates for the motorcycle additive are available on request. If you already have a driving license class, only 6 lessons of basic material are due.

There is no minimum age to register at the driving school, you can start right away. You can apply to the authority for a driving license no earlier than 6 months before you reach the minimum age. The theory test can be completed no earlier than 3 months and the practical test no earlier than 1 month before the minimum age.

At least you don’t have to pay the full amount in advance. At the beginning only the basic amount and possibly teaching material and the administration fee for the driver’s license office are due. With this you can already attend the complete theory lesson. The subsequent services such as driving lessons or tests only have to be paid for when they are due. If you need financing, get in touch with us.

Our theory lessons create the basis for understanding the topic. In addition, we recommend preparing with learning material for the questions of the theory test. For €90, we are offering Driving Learn Max as a learning package, which includes a book and an app for smartphones and PCs. This can be used to practice the approximately 1000 questions that may appear in the exam.

It is sufficient if you bring your identity card with you.

No, an appointment is not necessary.

No, it is not necessary for your parents to be present for registration. However, you have to show them the training contract and bring it signed to us.

If you are not satisfied with your driving school, you can change at any time. We will take care of the deregistration and take care of everything else.

All parts of the training that have already been completed are recognized by us.

In general, it is possible to choose the driving instructor . However, it can happen that your desired driving instructor is currently busy and another driving instructor from our team will then take care of you.

Yes, on request for only €10 extra per driving hour. Since the Porsche is not approved for examinations, we do not use it throughout the entire driving course, but only once per student driver. It is most fun to drive on interurban or motorway journeys.😉

In order for the authority to process the driver’s license application, the following are required:

ID card, biometric passport photo, eye test, and first aid course certificate .

In the case of BF17, a copy of the accompanying person’s identity card and driver’s license is required in addition to the BF17 application.

If your driver’s license does not come from the EU or EEA, you usually have to pass a theory and practical test. The theory test can be taken in 12 foreign languages ​​(English, French, Greek, Standard Arabic, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish). There are no theory lessons and no special trips are required. There is a 50% discount on the basic amount.

In cooperation with the Völker driving school in Dieburg , our learner drivers can use the practice area in Dieburg. The practice area is reserved exclusively for our learner drivers and those from the Völker driving school. The costs can be seen in the price list. You have to travel to the practice site with your own vehicle and can practice with your parents or friends. Since the driving speed on the practice area is not very high, the practice area makes the most sense before or at the beginning of driver training.

The 3G rule and FFP2 mask requirement apply to the premises and driving lessons.

We provide english and russian speaking driving instructors, and also the theory test is available in english.